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Guten Tag Little Gibbon

Born in late February at the Schwerin Zoo in Northern Germany, this baby gibbon was abandoned by its mother and is now being hand raised. While disinterested mothers are unfortunately not uncommon at zoos and in the wild, this little fellow seems to be responding well to its keepers' 24 hour care. 

Baby gibbon schwerin zoo 1

Baby gibbon schwerin zoo 2

Baby gibbon schwerin zoo 3
(above photos © Copyright ANSA)

Baby gibbon schwerin zoo 4
Thanks to ZooBorns reader Chiara F for the tip

Naked Into the World: Armadillo or Pink Golf Ball?

A few months back we brought you Amani the newborn aardvark and today we have another brand spanking new addition to the Midwest zoo family - a 3-banded armadillo. No bigger than a golf ball, this pink little bundle of balled up joy weighs just 4.5 ounces (130 grams). The little guy will be off exhibit until this summer but we promise to bring you any future photos the Minnesota Zoo can share.



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